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How to create compelling summaries for any book

Here's why you should take this free course and become a contributor:

Hey! You! Yeah, you, who else would I be talking to?

You a writer? Ha, I thought so! Well, I need you. I think. I hope.

Here's the thing: I'm trying to build the biggest, best, free book summary site in the world.

Only problem is: I can't do it alone! Will you help me? No, no, don't worry. You won't have to write anything for free. I'll pay you!

Heck, I'll even teach you how to write better! Not too bad, huh? So, here's what we can do:

You take this completely free, 1.5-hour training and submit one draft of a book summary for any book you like.

We'll look at your application, help you to get it approved, and then we'll onboard you as a contributor.

Once you are, you'll get paid $100 per summary, have access to all our drafts and their according edits, and get specific feedback on your own.

I'll even give you some high-level tips to improve your writing overall!

You'll then be able to write summaries at your own pace and schedule (which we'll have to figure out together based on our needs, but this usually develops naturally) and get paid for all of them.

Pretty cool, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Enroll in this free class and get going!

Hope to talk to you soon. Let's build something amazing together.

Thank you.


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